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1 Corinthians 11:3 (NIV)

But I want you to realize that the head of every man is Christ, and the head of the woman is man,[a] and the head of Christ is God.

Father in Heaven, thank you for the gift of marriage.  You have made my life complete by giving me a man who understands and loves me the way I am. I pray that my husband will always depend on You in every decision that he makes. May he always put You first in every aspect of his life, especially our marriage. Lord, I pray that he will learn to know you more and more each day as he faces triumphs, trials, and hardships.  Mold him to be the man that You planned him to be.  Give him the patience and the courage to lead our family, a family that honors You. All these I ask in Jesus Name. Amen.


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Wives, submit yourselves unto your own husband, as unto the LORD. Husbands, love your wives, even as Christ also loved the Church, and gave Himself for it. -Ephesians 5:22 & 25

Gracious Heavenly Father, thank You for my marriage partner. I give You praise for him/her. Use our relationship as a true picture of Christ and the church. Help us to be unselfish, kind, gentle, patient and unconditionally loving towards each other. I thank You for the gift of marriage. Bless our union Father-God and may we be a worthy example to others.

Put strife and any selfish ambitions far from us and help us to have the heart of a servant towards each other from day to day. Help us to encourage one another in our relationship with You, O LORD.

Help us to comfort and protect each other and count each other as a treasure which You have given, without making each other in any way an idol in our heart and affections.

All this I ask in the Precious Name of Jesus, Your Son and my Savior.  Amen.

*Taken from the Prayers of Power: Devotional Prayers for Christians by: Lynne Young-Hummel (2006)  

*A few amendments have been made.

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